West – Row 9 – 2 – Anderson/Thompson/McArthur/Gallon/Moore


In loving memory of JOHN ANDERSON who died at Roddam Hall 30th September 1864 aged 58 years.

Also GRACE McARTHUR his wife who died at Goswick 29th March 1880 aged 69 years.

Also DOROTHEA ANDERSON his wife of JOHN THOMPSON who died at Fenton 14th January 1883 aged 34 years.

Also MARGARET ANDERSON wife of ANDREW GALLON who died at Bolton 1st April 1888 aged 41 years.

Also JANET ANDERSON who died at Edinburgh 7th December 1888 aged 53 years.

Also ELIZA TAWSE ANDERSON wife of WILLIAM SMITH Plasterer Coldstream died 23 October 1890 aged 53 years.

Also EUPHIMIA ANDERSON who died at Ferney Beds Northumberland 26th July 1894 aged 61 years.

Also GRACE ANDERSON wife of JAMES MOORE who died 20th July 1905 aged 62 years and was interred in Ryton Cemetery.

This headstone has an emblem of ‘IHS’


John Anderson born in Edinburgh married in St.Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland, They lived in greenlaw and Carham


Douglas Thomson Anderson 1833

Euphemia Anderson 1835 –

Janet Anderson 1835 –

Eliza Tawse Anderson 1837 – 1890

Thomas Anderson 1839 

Grace Anderson1842 

Catharine Anderson 1844 

Margaret Anderson 1846 – 1888

Dorothy Anderson 1849 –

Mary Anderson 1853 – 


The Smith family lived in 10 Market St;

William Smith born in Ayton

Eliza was born in Greenlaw

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