West Row 25 – 9 Hepburn/Kerse/Scott-Findlay


In memory of WILLIAM HEPBURN M.P.C.V.S. Coldstream died 15th June 1909 aged 55 years.

Also WILLIAM M.P.C.V.S. son of above died in Mandalay Burmah  10th November 1916 aged 36 years.

Also GEORGE second son of the above died 27th August 1932 aged 48 years.

Also MARY KERSE beloved wife of the above WILLIAM HEPBURN Sen. Died 17th March 1937 aged 77 years.

Also JOHN third son of the above and beloved husband of ANNIE BOAD McINDOE died 13th March 1946 aged 52 years.

Also ROBERT KIRKE fourth son of the above and beloved husband of IRMA SCOTT-FINDLAY died 25th March 1946 aged 50 years.

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