West Row 14 – 1 Wilson/Cromar


Erected by JAMES S. WILSON in loving memory of ANNIE G. CROMAR his wife who died at Willington Quay 16th October 1896 aged 37 years and interred here.

Also ALEXANDER CROMAR her brother who died at Coldstream 28th June 1892 aged 57 years.

Also JESSIE WEIR his Mother who died 3rd September 1909 aged 79 years.

Also JAMES WILSON his father who died 13th September 1909 aged 83 years. They were lovely and pleasant in their lives and in death were not divided.

Also the above JAMES S. WILSON who died in Australia aged 78 years.

Also his sister HELEN STENHOUSE WILSON who died at Duns 21st April 1947 aged 83 years.


Alexander Cromar was born at Kelso, was a Miner and died in Coldstream.

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