Middle – Row 9 – 8 – Matthew/Guthrie


In affectionate remembrance of SARAH the beloved daughter of ARCHIBOLD MATTHEW who died 28th November 1870 aged 4 years. JOHN died 24th February 1879 aged 14 months. MARY died March 13th aged 3 years 5 months.

Also MARGARET GUTHRIE his wife who died 5 May 1915 aged 74 years.

Also THOMAS his son who died 24th May 1918 aged 54 years.

Also the above ARCHIBOLD MATTHEW who died 24th January 1923 aged 89 years.

Also ELIZABETH daughter of the above who died 4th September 1953 aged 87 years.


Archibald Matthew was born at Coldstream, his occupation a Carter and he lived at 2 Market Close, Market Place. His wife Elizabeth was born at Coldstream. His father was r born at Wilton, Roxburghshire. Children Margaret, Matthew 9, Thomas, Matthew 7, Elisabeth Matthew 5, Archibald Matthew 3, and Joseph Matthew are all taken from the  1871 Census

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