Middle – Row 9 – 7 – Boston/Wilkinson/Mackintosh


Erected by ROBERT BOSTON in memory of ESTHER his daughter died 22nd November 1883 aged 26 years.

JANE ISABELLA WILKINSON his daughter died 24th March 1884 aged ? WILLIAM his son died 2nd April 1886 aged 33 years.

There is an ablong part halfway down the headstone which is chiselled out.

Also the above ROBERT BOSTON died 21st December 1886 aged 71 years.

Also JAMES his son died 3rd February 1896 aged 49 years.

Also JANET MACKINTOSH wife of the above died 22nd February 1897 aged 74 years.

Also WALTER ROBERT his son who died 29th September 1897 aged 47 years.


Robert Boston was born at Coldstream and he lived at 51 High Street. This was a large family: Robert Boston 43 Jane Boston 39 Margaret Boston 15 James Boston 12 Robert Boston 10 William Boston 8 Jane Boston 6 Esther Boston 3 Archibald Boston. All these dates are from the 1861 census.

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