Middle – Row 9 – 6 – Sim/Moscript/Sprot


Erected by JOHN SIM Lennel Newtown in memory of ROBERT SIM his father who died 12 July 1818 aged 84 years.

Also MARGARET MOSCRIPT his mother who died 8 March 1850 aged 81 years.

Also ADAM SIM his brother who died 8 March 1815 aged 10 years.

Also JANET SPROT wife of JOHN SIM died 21 July 1873 aged 77 years.

Also above the above JOHN SIM who died 13 January 1874 aged 76 years.


John Sim was born at Yetholm, he lived at Lennel New Town and his occupation was a Gardener. His wife Janet was born at Coldstream

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