Middle – Row 6 – 1 – Patterson/Smith


Erected by LEWIS PATTERSON gardener Lennel in memory of  LEWIS his son who died 7th February 1854 aged 3 years.

Also the above LEWIS PATTERSON who died 29th May 1876 aged 54 years.

Also HELEN SMITH his wife who died 28th February 1895 aged 77 years.

Also THOMAS their son who died at Gateshead 24th December 1881 aged 38 years.

Also MARGARET their daughter who died 4th December 1913 aged 65 years.

Also ELIZABETH their daughter who died at Coldstream 23rd May 1921 aged 75 years.


Lewis Patterson was born at Tranent, Haddingtonshire, his occupation a gardenere and he lived at the Lennel Lodge. His wife Helen was born at Coldstream.

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