Middle – Row 5 – 14 – Whitlie/Shiel/Davidson/Andrew


In affectionate remembrance of JANE WHITLIE wife of ANDREW SHIEL Implement Maker Coldstream who died 22nd June 1877 aged 36 years. Also above ANDREW SHIEL who died 6th February 1897 aged 58 years. Also MARY DAVIDSON wife who died 24th August 1935 aged 86 years. Also GEORGE ANDREW who died at Broxburn 24th November 1952 aged 60 years cremated at Warriston. Also MARGARET FORTUNE DAVIDSON daughter who died at Coldstream 18th December 1964 aged 76 years


Andrew Sheil, aged 52, lived with wife Mary, aged 41 and daughter Margaret D F Sheil (2) at 5 Abbey Street in 1891.  Ten years earlier Andrew was living with his mother Ann, brother James and sister Marjory at 1 Abbey Street.  Andrew’s occupation is shown as an Implement Maker employing 4 men and 2 boys.

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