Middle – Row 4 – 11 – Aitchison


In memory of JOHN AITCHISON who died at Coldstream 29 December 1848 aged 81 years. ISABELLA AITCHISON his wife who died at Coldstream 22 July 1849 aged 81 years.

ROBERT their son who died at Englefield Green Parish of Egham County of Surrey 14 March 1850 aged 52 years.

Also ALICE their daughter who died at Melrose Asylum 6 December 1890 aged 16 years.

(Erected by surviving children as a token of filial affection). 1850.


John Aitchison was born in Berwickshire, occupation Labourer and he lived in Abbey Street. Robert Aitchison was a male servant working in stables in Englefield Green in the 1841 census

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