Middle – Row 3 – 15 – Ferguson/Smith


The tribute of conjugal and filial affection.

Sacred to the dearly cherished memory of JANET FERGUSON wife of ARCHIBALD SMITH Coldstream who departed this life on the 20 August 1847 aged 66 years.

She was a beloved wife and tender and affectionate mother and a meek Christian.

The above ARCHIBALD SMITH who departed this life on 2 May 1865 aged 84 years. A most dearly beloved father and held in great regard by many friends. Also MARGARET SMITH their daughter who died 12 January 1878 aged 67 years.

Also WILLIAM their son who died 3 August 1891 aged 75 years. Also EMILY SOPHIA his wife who died 26 October 1902 aged 83 years.

Also HUGH their son who died 2 November 1902 aged 52 years.


Archibald Smith was born at Leith (recorded then as Midlothian). In 1851 he is described as a Baker Master and employs 2 men. One of the men working for him as a baker is Thomas Palmer born 1824. (Could this be Palmer who started on his own as a baker?) Also a John Scott born 1835 was an errand boy, age 16. In 1861 Archibald Smith is described as a Chelsea Pensioner/Baker and he lived at 47 High Street in 2 rooms Daughter Margaret was born at Dumfries. Elizabeth, daughter was born in 1824 at Coldstream.

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