Middle – Row 3 – 11 – Milroy/Weatherhead/Falconer/Fair


Erected to the memory of JANET MILROY wife of ROBERT WEATHERHEAD Merchant Berwick who died May 11 1820 aged forty one years (note written text). As a wife she was amiable and dutiful. And as a mother tender-hearted and affectionate. As a friend she was sincere and faithful. And of their children ROBERT died December 1 1800 aged 8 months. AGNES died August 12 1814 aged 3 years. AGNES died May 1 1818 aged 3 weeks. ROBERT who died March 16 1822 aged 18 years. ISABELLA died February 23 1825 aged 10 years. JANET died July 12 1825 aged 18 years. ANDREW MB HEICS  died at Island of Karrack August 19 1841 aged 56 years. MARGARET died September 26 1845 aged 44 years. (On the rear of above stone). Here lies the remains of ELIZABETH FALCONER second wife of ROBERT WEATHERHEAD late feuar in Coldstream who died August 9th 1819 aged 72 years. Also ROBERT WEATHERHEAD husband of the above who died 31 December 1829 aged 84 years. Also ELISABETH FAIR wife of ROBERT WEATHERHEAD Jnr who died on 17 June 1838 aged 57 years. Also ROBERT WEATHERHEAD late merchant Berwick upon Tweed who died there on 8 July 1868 aged 92 years.

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