Middle – Row 26 – 9 – Mercer/Brown/Wright/Baisley


Erected by THOMAS MERCER The Hirsel (The Hirsel part is broken now) in memory of ISABEL his daughter who died at Kelso 4 May 1842 aged 18 months. Also ADAM his son who died at Coldstream 21 July 1852 aged 7 years, Also ANN spouse of GEORGE BROWN who died at the Hirsel 13 November 1863 aged 25 years. Also CHRISTINA WRIGHT spouse of THOMAS MERCER who died at the Hirsel 1 February 1870 aged 38 years. Also 2nd wife JANE WATSON BAISLEY who died 9 December 1895 aged 60 years. Also the above THOMAS MERCER who died 18 December 1898 aged 83 years.

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