Middle – Row 25 – 8 – Fair


In memory of ROBERT FAIR feuar Coldstream who died on 7 December 1798 aged 57 years.

And of MARGARET FAIR his spouse who died on 7 February 1832 aged 79 years.

JOHN FAIR their eldest son who after long residence in London died at Coldstream 28 March 1827 aged 52 years.

Also GEORGE 2nd son who died suddenly of cholera 20 March 1832 aged 55 years.

Also JAMES 3rd son who died on the 4 June 1849 aged 70 years. JEAN FAIR their youngest daughter died 12 February 1844 aged 54 years.

MARGARET 2nd daughter who died 29 October 1859 aged 72 years.

(On rear)

In memory of GEORGE PETER FAIR 5th son of THOMAS and HARRIET FAIR and grandson of ROBERT and MARGARET FAIR born at Bueos Ayres Rio de la Plata South America on 6 August 1826 and died at Coldstream 31 July 1832.

Also FANNY ELIZABETH FAIR 4th daughter of said GEORGE and HARRIET FAIR born at Coldstream 24 December 1835 died at Coldstream 12 March 1836 and an infant interred on

(rest of headstone missing).


By Robert Fair, feuar, Coldstream 7.12.1798 37 yrs. spouse Margaret Fair 7.2.1832 79 yrs. eldest son John who after long residence in London died at Coldstream 28.3.1827 52 yrs. 2nd son George 20.3.32 55 yrs. (of Cholera) 3rd son James 4.6.1849 70 yrs. youngest daughter Jean 12.2.1844 54 yrs. 2nd Margaret 29.10.1859 72 yrs. George Peter Fair 5th son of Thomas and Harriet Fair and grandson of Robert and Margaret Fair born at Buenes Ayres Rio de le Plata South America 6.8.1826 and died at Coldstream 31.7.1832. Fanny Elizabeth Fair 4th daughter of said George and Harriet Fair born at Coldstream 24.12.1835 died at Coldstream 12.3.1836 and an infant interred on.
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