Middle – Row 25 – 3 – Hood/Smart


Erected by AARON HOOD Coldstream in memory of WILLIAM his son who died 2 November 1808 aged 13 years.

Also JAMES his son who died  August 1812 aged 17 years.

Also ELISABET his daughter who died 15 February 1815 aged 16 years.

Also the above AARON HOOD who died 4 October 1850 aged 77 years.

Also MARGARET SMART his wife who died 4 April 1855 aged 83 years


HARRIET Harriet was the only daughter of John and Harriett*Earl, born at Echunga, South Australia on June 13th 1852. She is believed to have travelled through the Victorian goldfields with her parents, and was about ten when the family settled in Allendale, South Australia. Harriet was married to William Bertram Hood at her father’s residence, Kingsley, Allendale on December 24, 1873. Charles Earl, who was a shoemaker at Allendale was a witness to the marriage. Although Harriet had a brother Charles, the witness is thought to have been her uncle. Also a witness was Ann Maria Langford, who married Harriet’s brother Alfred soon after. The Hoods lived for a while at Kingsley and had two children there. Around 1877 they moved to Joanna, near Naracoorte, where William was engaged as a boundary rider and a contractor for the Robertsons of Struan Station. With roads being very rough between Naracoorte and Penola, several of Harriet’s children were born at the Gate Hotel, Wirringulla. She lost a daughter, Agnes, only five months old, who died from English Cholera and exhaustion at the Gate Hotel. Harriet had the reputation of being a good mid-wife and would ride her horse for miles through rain or heat, day or night, to help anyone. On one such occasion her patient died, and Harriet took the child home and brought it up as her own. She was a warm-hearted lady of great enthusiasm and earned the respect of the community. About 1903, William and Harriet bought land of their own, built a house, and with their sons, developed a contracting business. Harriet died on July 18, 1919, aged 67


William George (Will) 1873 Bellum Bellum, South Australia
John Rice (Jack) 1877 Kingsley, South Australia
Bertram Aaron (Bert) 1878 Gate Hotel, Wirringulla, South Australia
Harriet Janet (Jessie) 1880 Penola (Gate Hotel?*)
Agnes Margaret 1881 Gate Hotel, Wirringulla, South Australia
Margaret Mary 1882 Gate Hotel ?*
Adelaide Garret 1885 Joanna, South Australia
Alfred Thomas (Tom) 1886 Joanna, South Australia
Annie Winifred 1887 Joanna, South Australia
James Edward 1889 Joanna, South Australia
Clara Jane 1894 Joanna, South Australia
Alexander 1896 Joanna, South Australia

Dear Coldstream History Society,  January 2024
I am writing about the grave of my 3rd great grandparents, Aaron Hood and Margaret Smart, who according to your records, are buried in the Lennel old kirk yard.
Thankyou for making these records available, they are invaluable in helping to search for our family members long gone.
My question relates to the transcription supplied with the photograph of the headstone. Who is actually buried there in that grave? Is it all those mentioned, or are some buried elsewhere.
In the photo attached to the record it is almost impossible to read any names on the headstone. I assume the names are more legible when on site. Also, is there a policy regarding cleaning of headstones in order to make them more legible?
There is a comment attached to the record which details the family of William Bertram Hood and Harriet Earl in Australia. I would like to add to that if I may.
William Bertram Hood is the son of Rice Hood I who in turn is the son of Aaron and Margaret(buried in Lennel). Rice was born in 1798 at Cornhill on Tweed, and is the only child not mentioned on the headstone, I suppose because he lived and eventually came to Australia. His siblings are mentioned on the headstone of Aaron and Margaret:
William, James, Elisabet and Margaret. Rice was married to Janet Bertram in 1831 at Dalkeith, and they had nine children all born in Scotland between 1831 and 1845.
Janet, 1831, Cullen, Banffshire, Scotland
George, 15 Jul 1833, Roberton, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Margaret, 12 Nov 1834, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Aaron Henry?, 21 Apr 1836, Lasswade, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
James Bertram, Calc. 1838, Midlothian, Scotland
Rice II, Abt. 1840, Fifeshire, Scotland (he had a son who was Rice III)
Edward Grant,  Calc. 1841, Roxburghshire, Scotland (my great grandfather)
Mary Bertram,  10 Mar 1843, Cullen, Banffshire, Scotland
William Bertram,  07 Sep 1845, Cullen, Banffshire, Scotland
The whole family of eleven emigrated to Australia, departing Liverpool on 25/6/1852, arriving in Adelaide, South Australia on 19/10/1852 on board the “Medina”.
Edward Grant Hood married Mary Susan Carlin, (born Tyrone, Northern Ireland)  on 11 Jan 1868 at Allendale East, South Australia. They had five children, all born at Allendale East:
George Edward, 1869- 1944
Charles William, 1874-1956
Sarah Janet Mary, 1876-1949
Mary Helena, 1879-1881
James Rice, 1881-1959 (my grandfather)
James married Mary May Ashby, whose family came to South Australia from Welwyn, Hertfordshire in 1855, and they had four children:
Lawrence 1916-1994 born at Rainbow, Victoria.
Eric 1919-2013 born at Mount Gambier South Australia
Maisie 1926- still living born at Mt Gambier
Estelle 1928-1992 born at Mt Gambier (my Mum)
thanks again for helping with so much history.
Kind regards,
Robert Bourchier
Mount Gambier, South Australia.


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