Middle – Row 20 -1 – Baird/Kirkup/Marshall


In affectionate remembrance of MARTHA daughter of ANDREW and JANE BAIRD East Learmouth who died at Coldstream Sept 13 1850 aged 4 months. Also WILLIAM their son who died at East Learmouth 12 May 1880 aged 20 years. Also the above ANDREW BAIRD who died at East Learmouth 2 July 1886 aged 63 years. Also MARGARET ANN his daughter who died at Norham 21 December 1888 aged 37 years. Also WILLIAM JAMES KIRKUP his grand son who died 29 April 1889 aged 17 weeks. Also JANE MARSHALL wife of the above who died 2 January 1902 aged 78 years. They rest from their labours.

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