Middle – Row 17 – 24 – Murray/Gray/Stenhouse


Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM MURRAY Blacksmith Coldstream who died 8 April 1870 aged 55 years. Also JAMES his son who died in infancy. Also PETER his 7th son who died on 1 August 1881 aged 25 years. Much loved. Also MARY GRAY his wife who died 31 Oct 1886 aged 72 years, Also WILLIAM his eldest son who died 31 July 1887 aged 49 years. Also MARY daughter of the above who died 2 May 1898 aged 54 years. Also GEORGE youngest son of the above who died 31 July 1926 in his 69th year. Also BARBARA daughter of the above wife of the late ARCHIBALD STENHOUSE who died 30 September 1934 aged 89 years.  Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.


In the ‘Berwickshire News’ of 1881, Peter Murray died after 10 weeks of severe suffering, borne with the greatest resignation. William Murray is referred to as an Ironmonger.

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