Middle – Row 15 – 6 – Shiel/Dickson/Wood


Erected by GEORGE SHIEL in memory of his daughter MARY WOOD who died at Windy Walls 19 June 1852 aged 2 years. Also GEORGE his son who died at Oxenridge 21 July 1860 aged 8 years. Also the above GEORGE SHIEL who died at Cornhill 31 March 1878 aged 57 years. Also HELEN DICKSON sister in law of the above who died at Cramondhill 17 December 1870 aged 68 years. Also ELIZABETH DICKSON wife of the above GEORGE SHIEL who died at East Newbiggin October 22 1891 aged 78 years.


George Shiel was born in Coldstream, his occupation in 1871 a Carpenter and in 1881 he was an Implement Maker (employing 4 Men 2 Boys). The workshop was in Abbey Lane. In 1891, he is married with 1 girl, Margaret D F Shiel age 2 years. His father George was also a Carpenter and born at Ladykirk.

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