Middle – Row 15 – 3 – Beloe/Mount


(Surrounded by bush very hard to read) In loving memory of WM. LINTON BELOE Home Place Coldstream who died 7 December 1897 aged 84 years. Also HARRIET ANN MOUNT his wife who died 4 March 1900. Also ALICE SMITH BELOE his daughter died 30 December 1899. Also GEORGINA BELOE born 13 December 1846 died 9 February 1912.


William Beloe was born at Kelso and lived in Duns Loan West Side. His occupation was a Teacher of Dancing and Fishing Tackle Maker. His wife Eleanor was born at Kelso. It is rather confusing, as she is on the headstone as died in 1837, but she is in the 1851 census as alive and well, living with her husband and 7 children. In the 1871 census, he is remarried to Harriet Ann. They are now living in 4 Home Place with 5 children. She was born in England. Also in the 1871 census, one son William is described as his occupation Surgeon Dentist; he was still living at home aged 30 years.
In 1881, William Senior is described as a fishing tackle maker. Also in 1881 living with them is his sister in law Alice Morrison. Her occupation is described as Interest of Money.

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