Middle – Row 13 – 8 – Robertson/Nicholson/Sudden


Erected by the daughters in memory of WILLIAM ROBERTSON their father who died at Lennel New Town 16 May 1866 aged 82 years. Also ISABELLA NICHOLSON wife of the above who died 17 March 1873 aged 91 years. Also CHRISTINA daughter of the above who died at Peepy 5 January 1891 aged 87 years. And interred at Bywell. Also JESSIE SUDDEN their daughter who died at Coldstream 25 Jany 1897 aged 88 years. Also CHRISTINA NICHOLSON daughter of the above JESSIE who died Coldstreajm 7 July 1926 aged 77 years. Also WILLIAM ROBERTSON died at Coldstream 17 Jany 1936 aged 65. Also ISABELLA ROBERTSON died at Coldstream 22 February 1952 aged 77. Also JOHN THOMAS ROBERTSON died Coldstream 28 May 1954 aged 81 years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.


William Robertson was born at Westruther and lived at Coldstream New Town, his occupation an 'Agri Laborer'.  Wife Isabella was born at Stichill. Daughter Janet was born at Sprouston.

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