Middle – Row 13 – 7 – Renton/Dodds/Borthwick/Murray


Erected by JANE RENTON in memory of her husband JOHN DODDS who died at Sandyford 28th August 1871 aged 39 years. And their children JESSIE ANN who died 3 May 1867 aged 8 years. ISABELLA who died 20 September 1869 aged 5 years. Also AGNES her daughter who died 25 August 1894 aged 36 years. Also JOHN their grandson who died 10 June 1899 aged 17 months. Also JESSIE ANN their daughter and wife of GEORGE BORTHWICK who died at Tynninghame 27 December 1902 aged 32 years. Interred at Whitekirk. Also the above JANE RENTON who died 30 April 1914 aged 87 years. Also MARGARET their daughter widow of JAMES MURRAY Kelso who died 26 August 1926 aged 66 years.


Jane Dodds (nee Renton) was born in Eyemouth.  In 1891 she worked as a Laundress and lived at 5 Market Place.  Her daughters Jane (27) and Jessie Ann (23) are living with her

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