Middle – Row 13 – 11 – Dawson/Cockburn


Sacred to the memory of JEAN DAWSON wife of WILLIAM COCKBURN New Coldstream who died at Edinburgh 5 December 1823 aged 61 years. Also the said WILLIAM COCKBURN who died 29 November 1839 aged 78 years. Behold I take away from Thee the Disire of Thine Eyes with a Strock.

(On the rear) ROBERT COCKBURN son of WILLIAM COCKBURN his burying ground. ELISABETH his daughter who died 29 April 1823 aged 13 years. The said ROBERT COCKBURN who died 20 November 1843 aged 57 years. Also ISABELLA COCKBURN wife of the above who died at Horndean October 21 1861 aged 83 years. Also ANDREW their grandson, son of WILLIAM COCKBURN who died 12 October 1849 aged 15 months.

Oh happy is the man and blessed whom Jacob’s God doth aid whose hope upon the Lord doth rest and on his God stayed.

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