Middle – Row 11 – 2 – Dunn/Bolton/Graham/Tait


Erected by the widow and father in memory of DAVID DUNN aged 29 years. And of his sister JANE aged 19 years who both died 16th December 1848 . Also JOHN DUNN son of the above DAVID DUNN who died 2nd October 1850 aged 1 year. DAVID DUNN SNR died at Quarryhouse Hirsel 25th February 1874 aged 82 years. MARGARET BOLTON his wife who died at Coldstream 6th August 1850 aged 52 years. Also JOHN his son who died at Coldstream 20th June 1861 aged 38 years. Also JESSIE GRAHAM second wife who died at Coldstream 21st June 1871 aged 68 years. Also ELEANOR TAIT wife of DAVID DUNN JNR first above named died at Edinburgh 11th January 1888 in her 69th year and interred here.


Dunn David was born at Coldstream, he lived on the High Street but also lived in 4 Market Place, his occupation a Shoemaker. His second wife came from Kelso

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