Middle – Row 11 – 4 – Todd/Davidson


Erected by HENRY TODD West Learmouth in memory of HENRY TODD teacher, his son who died at West Learmouth 11th December 1868 aged 28 years. Also JAMES his son who died 30th Sept 1835 aged 1 year 2 months. Also ROBERT his son died 5th May 1845 aged 2 years 6 months. Also CHRISTINE his daughter died 25th June 1849 aged 6 years. Also WILLIAM his son died 28th June 1849 aged 1 year. Also JANET his daughter died in infancy. Also of the above HENRY TODD who died at Kames East Mains 23rd April 1895 aged 85 years. Also CATHRINE DAVIDSON his wife died 1st November 1897 aged 86 years.


In 1891 Henry (born in Beath, Fifeshire) and wife Catherine Todd were living at East Kames in Leitholm with son George (aged 53) and daughter Catherine (aged 40).

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