Middle – Row 11 – 3 – Fulton/Smeaton/Dallace


Erected in memory of ALEXANDER FULTON who died at Coldstream 22 Oct 1873 aged 61 years. JANE SMEATON his wife who died 15 July 1908 aged 93 years. THOMAS DALLACE son in law of above died 3 February 1865. JANE FULTON his wife died 4 July 1871 aged 31 years. CATHERINE FULTON daughter of the above Alexander Fulton died 8 May 1912 aged 76 years.


Alexander Fulton was born at Coldstream, he lived at the Lees Lodge and his occupation in 1871, a Common Labourer. Previously, in 1851 he was described as a Tailor Master

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