Middle – Row 10 – 8 – Hogg/Thomson/Duncan


Erected by ARCHIBD HOGG Blacksmith Lennel Newtown in memory of his father ROBERT HOGG Blacksmith who died May 12th 1841 aged 54 years. Also his mother MARGARET THOMSON who died January 17th 1841 aged 63 years. Also PETER his son who died March 24th 1846 aged 6 years. Also ELIZABETH his daughter who died 29 August 1852 aged 3 years. Also THOMAS HOGG his son died 27 Sept 1872 aged 25 years. Also ISABELLA DUNCAN wife of the above who died 24th August 1877 aged 61 years. Also ROBERT DUNCAN his brother in law who died 31 December 1895 aged 68 years. Also the above ARCHIBALD HOGG died 30 November 1904 aged 88 years. Also JOHN his son who died 1 July 1918 aged 73 years. Also ROBERT his son who died 9 August 1919 aged 78 years. Also MARGARET his daughter who died 17 July 1933 aged 81 years. Also PETER his youngest son who died 5 August 1934 in his 81st year. (On a plinth) Also ISABELLA HOGG who died 28 September 1946 aged 87 years.


Archibald Hogg was born at Coldstream and he lived at Lennel New Town, occupation Blacksmith. Wife Isabella was born at Ayton and they had 7 children

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