Middle – Row 10 – 4 – Grosert/Mitchell


Erected by JAMES GROSERT in memory of WILLIAM his son who died at Broomdykes 20 January 1850 aged 8 years. Also JANET his daughter who died at Gunsgreenhill 9 June 1865 aged 22 years. Also WILLIAM GROSERT who died at Gunsgreenhill 1 January 1877 aged 16 years. Also ELISA MITCHELL his wife who died at Kelso 11 November 1893 aged 73 years. Also the above JAMES GROSERT who died at Kelso on 18 March 1901 aged 86 years


James Grosert was born in Eccles and in 1861 he was recorded as the Farm Steward at Edrom. He had children with his wife, Elizabeth born 1848, Robert  born 1851, Isabella born 1852, William born 1854, James born 1856, John born 1860 and they were all born in Edrom. In 1871 the family had moved to Gunsgreen Hill Farm Cottage and James was described as an Agricultural Labourer. In 1881 he was the Farm Steward on the same farm. By 1891, the family had moved to Kelso,125 Roxburgh Street and James was aged 76 years, working as a gardener.

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