Middle – Row 10 – 15 – Clark/Gillespie


Sacred to memory of JANET CLARK wife of ALEXANDER GILLESPIE Simprim born at Musselburgh 18th April 1796 died at Simprim 23rd December 1871. Also the said ALEXANDER GILLESPIE born at Menslaw Northumberland 12 March 1795 died at Simprim 6 January 1873 in his 78th year. (On rear) ALISON daughter of GEORGE GILLESPIE died 14 September 1756 aged 4 months. Cornmills 02. Also GEORGE son of GEORGE GILLESPIE of Tweedmill died 17 August 1785 aged 13 years. Also GEORGE GILLESPIE died 28 November 1788 aged 65 years.


In 1871 Janet and Alexander Gillespie lived in the Farmhouse of Simprim Farm along with son John and General Domestic Servant Janet Younger.  Alexander was a farmer of 365 acres, employing 6 men and 1 boy. The Gillespie family were Corn Millers at Tweed Mill. The first Gillespie we come across was in the 1600s. Andrew married Agnes Wadell in 1662 and they had 9 children. When the Earl of Haddington built the mill at Tweed Mill, George Gillespie was appointed the first Miller. A foundation stone was laid in honour of Eliza, wife of the Earl of Haddington and the stone was inscribed “E T H 1747” The family went into milling in many Mills round the Borders and Scotland. George, who had married Margaret Thomson of Roseburn Edinburgh, emigrated with her to Australia in 1853. Many of their family followed them out to Australia. Margaret Thomson was related to the British Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone. They did eventually start a mill in Australia and were one of the largest milling companies in the country.
There is a great deal more information on this family but too much for this publication.

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