Middle Row 1 -3 – Young/Knox


JAMES YOUNG’s burying place. The said JAMES YOUNG who died 8 September 1831 aged 47 years. Also ELIZABETH (KNOX per D/Register) died at Eccles 9 May 1859 aged 72 years. Also JAMES their son who died 20 May 1851 aged 33 years. Also JOHN their son aged 74 Years. And MARY their daughter aged 62 years. Both died 22 November 1884.


The 1851 census record shows Elizabeth Young (nee Knox) aged 66 living in Coldstream Mains with her children John (37) and James (32), both Agricultural Labourers and also Elizabeth (34) and Mary (30) whose occupation is listed as ‘employed on farm’.  By 1881, Elizabeth (elder) and son James had passed away and John, Mary and Elizabeth were living together at 8 Dunse Road.  John’s occupation was a Provisions Merchant; Mary is listed as a Housekeeper and Elizabeth as formerly a Farm Worker.  Both John and Mary died on the same day in November 1884, John from Heart Disease and Mary from Intussusceptions.

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