Middle – Row 1 – 10 – Darling/Grieve


(Small headstone) Buried here Miss MARGARET DARLING who died 6 February 1816. Also AGNES DARLING her sister who died 5 August 1818 spouse to ROBERT GRIEVE tenant in West Mains. Both daughters of late THOMAS DARLING Surgeon in Longheugh and Esq of Apple Tree Leaves. (The following is an extract from the Galashiels Cemetery):-


(Gala Aisle Cemetery)
In Memory
Isabella Darling
who died at Rose Cottage Galashiels
6th Nov 1876 aged 80 years
of her brother
Thomas Darling
Portioner of Longhaugh
Appletree Leaves
Land possesed and occupied by
ancesters for many generations
originally vassels of the Monastery
of Melrose
who died at Portobello 21st Apr 1850
and of her sister
Margaret Darling
who died at Portobello 10th Oct 1856

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