Middle – West External Wall – Lennel Kirk – 1 – Davidson/Scott


In memory of WILLIAM DAVIDSON who died at West Mains 8 March 1866 aged 82. And ALISON SCOTT his wife who died 23 August 1863 aged 68. Also ELIZABETH M. FRANCIS wife of WALTER DAVIDSON who died at Coldstream 9 July 1880 aged 53. Also the above WALTER DAVIDSON who died 30 May 1910 aged 89. Also ALICE MARY daughter of the above who died 26 May 1913 aged 62. To die is again.


William Davidson was born at Greeland (probably should be Greenlaw). In 1861 he lived at Damchister (Darchester) W Mains (West Mains) and his occupation was a Farmer. His wife Alice was born at Eccles, Berwickshire

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