Middle – North external wall – Lennel Kirk – 7 – Pattison/Mearns


In loving remembrance of JESSIE PATTISON wife of the Reverend PETER MEARNS Coldstream who died at Glasgow on 7 April 1867 aged 45 years. Also was interred in Sighthill Cemetery there. And of MAGGIE their daughter who died at Coldstream 22 March 1871 aged 12 years. They were lovely and pleasant in their lives and in their death they were not long divided. Also the above Reverend PETER MEARNS Minister of the West United Presbyterian Church Coldstream born at Clenconnor Ochiltree 11 April 1816 ordained at Coldstream 30 September 1846 died at Coldstream 29 March 1901. Peace perfect peace with loved ones far away in Jesus keeping we are safe and they. Reverend JAMES MEARNS MA incumbent of Rushden and Wallington Herts son of the above born 8 April 1855 died 21 June 1922 interred at Wallington.


Peter Mearns was born at Ochiltree, Ayrshire in in 1851 his occupation was a  Junior Minister of the West U P Church, living at 16 High Street. In 1871, he was living in the West U P Manse. His wife  Jessie was born in Glasgow.

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