Middle inventory

Lennel Kirk Yard (LKY). This is the part of the KY between the middle path and exit gate and the wall overlooking the modern part of the KY. In the middle of this part of the KY are the ruins of Lennel Kirk which was last used in 1705. It is now a Listed B Building and the subject of a project to stabilise it by the Society.

Guidance Notes

Unlike inventory 1 (West end of the LKY), this inventory commences from the east wall, starting at the northern roadside and working in rows towards the riverside. NB – it cannot be guaranteed that all the headstones are in the correct order as some rows are in zig-zag. However, they are all in the stated rows as viewed by the project team.

There are various categories in this part of the cemetery:-

  1. Headstones in rows 1 to 28;
  2. Headstones identified in previous surveys but which cannot now be found;
  3. Ancient headstones found in various parts of the cemetery.

Below some headstone inscriptions are notes about the persons mentioned, where they lived, what they did for a living etc. This research is ongoing and of course may be a journey not a destination.

This survey has to be viewed in the context of a few associated matters:-

  1. the stabilisation and tidying of Lennel Kirk;
  2. stabilisation of certain headstones of people of note e.g. James Charles Purves who died as a result of the Charge of the Light Brigade.
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