Lennel Kirkyard Transcriptions

The west end and middle parts of the Lennel Kirkyard are complete, in terms of transcribing the information on the headstones into an inventory. Both of these inventories are also available on request in word documents. Please visit the 'Contact' part of the website or telephone Gerald Tait on 01890-882685 or Trevor Swan on 01890-882574.

It will however take some time to enter all the transcriptions into the website. The inventory for the East part of the kirkyard, the newer part, will not be in a word document but will be entered straight into this website.

Any queries on the headstones can be referred to either Trevor or Gerald. The Society would welcome futher information from descendants of the deceased as the following further research is ongoing:-

1. Where the person lived and what was his/her occupation; and

2. Was the person famous in terms of Coldstream e.g. Earl of Home, War Veterans, Provosts etc?

The research to date has found that many Coldstream citizens who have died do not appear to be buried at Lennel. Some may have been buried beside the current Coldstream Parish Church or at the rear of the previous West Church, now the St.Cuthbert's Centre. Others may be buried in other towns. However, overall the number of deceased in the town in the 1700 and 1800s, compared to the number of headstones in Lennel Kirkyard does not add up.

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