Kirknewton Churchyard Section B Row 7 – 2 – Wallace/Scott


8. Sacred to the memory of James WALLACE who died at Howtel. 6th J ulv 1863 aged 66 years.

Also Anne WALLACE his wife who died at Howel 25th Sept I883 aged 83 years.

Also Margaret WALLACE. his mother who died at Howtel 26th Feb. 1862 aged 93 years.

Also William WALLACE who died at Howtel 29th Nov. 1876 aged 77 years.

Also Ann SCOTT. daughter of the above James & Ann WALLACE who died at Crookham. l 0th March [88[ aged 4.; years.

Also Jane WALLACE who died at Howtel 25th July I904 aged 66 years.

Also Thomas WALLACE  who died at  Howtel. 13th June 19l0 aged 76 years

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