Kirknewton Churchyard Section B Row 1 – 7 – Short/Laing


In memory of Henry SHORT who died at Rhodes. Etal. Parish of Ford. December 4th 1851 aged 48 years.

Also of James Laing SHORT. son of the above. who died 18th April 1860 aged 16 years.

Also of Isobel LAING wife of the above Henry SHORT. who died at Gateshead 9th December  1894 m  her 80th year.

Also of David their son who died at Newport.  Kentucky.  USA  2nd December  1894 aged 46 years and was interred there.

Also of John their third son who died at Gateshead  29 December 1923 aged 74 years. 

Also Henry 4th son of the above Henry SHORT who died at Queensland. Australia. 2 September 1926 aged 74 years.

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