Ford Section – B – 168 – Mason/Askew


Here lie the remains of THOMAS MASON of Pallinsburn Cottage who died of diphtheria 5th January 1864  aged 38 years.
And of his two children CHISTINA JANE  who died the 1st of the same month aged 11.

And MATTHEW ASKEW who died 23rd February following aged 3 years.
Erected by personnel friends of the above THOMAS MASON who for years acted as the confidential agent to the family of ASKEW of Pallinsburn.

The trustess of Lord Crewe at Bamburgh Castle and other proprietors in Northumberland as a mark of respect for his manly character a & kindly disposition.
And of THOMAS his youngest son  who died on Christmas day 1869 aged 6 years.
And of JANE widow of THOMAS MASON of Pallinsburn Cottage who died December 4th 1909 aged 82 years.

“She hath done what she could”

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