Ford Section – A – 93 – Black


Underneath this monument are deposited the mortal remains of  THOMAS BLACK who died December 10th 1829 aged 2 weeks, of JOHN BLACK who died June 12th 1833 aged 18 years.

And of JANE BLACK who died July 16th 1833 aged 15 years.

All of them children of JAMES & ANN BLACK of Ford Mill.

Reader let the memorial of these young blossoms cut off in the morning of life speak to thee with this friendly admonition.

“Be ye ready also for such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh”

Also ROBERT BLACK their son who died at St Duthberts 3rd May 1843 aged 27 years.

On reverse

To the memory of ANN BLACK wife of JAMES BLACK New Heaton who died March 8th 1851 aged 58 years.

The above named JAMES BLACK died at New Heaton 23rd March 1872 aged 79 years.

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