Section B – Row 3 – 2 – Logan/Thomson/Turnbull/Wood/Ord/Strathie



Sacred to the memory of JOHN LOGAN farmer Hassington Mains who died 21st September 1829 aged 53 years.

AGNES THOMSON his wife who died 14th October 1828 aged 40 years.

ABRAHAM LOGAN Hassington Mains their son who died 23rd October 1891 aged 76 years.

Erected by JAMES LOGAN of New Zealand his son who died at Hassington Mains 22nd August 1893 aged 77 years.

Also MARY JANE TURNBULL wife of ROBERT LOGAN of Hassington Mains who died 18th August 1935 aged 66 years.

Also their niece ELSPETH WOOD who died 27th February 1935 aged 26 years.

ROBERT LOGAN of Hassington Mains died 17th May 1943 aged 70. Also of their children who died young:

PATRICIA 19th March 1818 aged 8 years,

ANN 4th July 1821 aged 10 years.

JOHN ORD 3rd July 1822 aged 9 months.

JANET 7th August 1822 aged 10 years.

Also of their daughter AGNES  who died 31st August 1877 aged 52 years.

PATRICIA who died 12th November 1886 aged 68 years.

And of their son ROBERT who died at Ayton 20th March 1908 aged 79 years.

Also JANET daughter of PETER LOGAN Farmer Roxburgh Mill and wife of JAMES STRATHIE Bayshore USA and of Hassington Mains died 16th May 1939 aged 75.  

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