Section B – Row 2 – 7 – Frank/Trotter


The top part of this large headstone is in latin

JACOBUS FRANK Boughtbridge 1929.

JOHN FRANKS Esq. Advocate Guild Brother of Edinburgh died 1690 aged 61 years.

AGNES his widow died 1700 aged 60 years.

WILLIAM FRANK of Boughtbridge died 1763 aged 69 years.

ISABELLA TROTTER his widow died 1780 aged 61 years.

CHARLES FRANK of Boughtbridge Captain in the Scots Brigade States of Holland died 1791 aged 48 years.

JAMES FRANK of Boughtbridge Captain in the Honourable East India Company died at Vellore 1797.

WILLIAM BROWN FRANK Colonel and Collector of New York. By his daughter died 1810 aged 75 years. 

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