Section B – Row 18 – 5 – Jeffrey/Robison


Erected by JOHN JEFFREY in memory of WILLIAM his first son born 8th March 1839 died 2nd February 1845. JOHN his second son born 9th April 1841 died 11th February 1845. AGNES his second daughter born 8th July 1847 died 11th October 1847. WILLIAM his fourth son born 19th December 1848 died 17th December 1849. DAVID BARCLAY his fifth son born 3rd December 1850  died 27th October 1852. ANDREW his third son born 12th May 1845 died 15th August 1871. JULIA ROBISON his wife born 14th January 1812 died 22nd December 1879. The above JOHN JEFFREY born 14th September 1810 died 26th January 1880. Also JOHN JEFFREY his sixth son born 29th June 1852 died 9th September 1886. Buried in the churchyard of Felixstowe England. Also MARGARET his daughter born 18th June 1843 died 8th June 1901. Also WILLIAM JEFFREY seventh son of the above died 18th December 1939 aged 84 years. Also AGNES JEFFREY died 1st October 1944 aged 86 years.


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