Section B – Row 1 – 19 – Dickson/Hepburn/Dysert/Hunter/Ker/Jamieson


This is a huge headstone with surrounds that are neglected

JOHN DICKSON of Antonshill died 15th August 1690 aged 75.

Mrs ELIZABETH KER his widow died 12th November 1691 aged 68.

JOHN DICKSON of Antonshill died 21st August 1789 aged 73

. Mrs KATHERINE HEPBURN his spouse died 21st July 1789 aged 71.

JOHN DICKSON of Antonshill cousin German of the late JOHN DICKSON died 1st November 1750 aged 72.

Mrs ISOBEL JAMIESON his widow died 12th February 1777 aged 76.

JAMES DICKSON of Antonshill died 10th April 1825 aged 84.

Mrs JEAN SANDILANDS DYSERT of Antonshill his wife died 15th December 1821 aged 85.

JEAN DICKSON of Antonshill died 12th September 1844 aged 70. She married General Sir MARTIN HUNTER of Medomsley Durham. 

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