Section B – Row 1 – 16 – Bromfield/Paterson/Millington


Erected by Colonel STEPHEN BROMFIELD of Hassington Mains in memory of his ancestors and relatives.

STEPHEN BROMFIELD his father died in 1762.

MARGt.PATERSON his mother died in 1792.

ELLIOT BROMFIELD his sister died in 1790.

HARRAT MILLINGTON his wife died in 1797.

ELIZh. BROMFIELD his sister died 14th December 1819.

JNo. BROMFIELD his brother died 16th March 1821.

Colonel BROMFIELD who erected this monument died 31st May 1823 aged 83 years.

Col. BROMFIELD was a brave soldier and distinguished himself in the service of the King and Country in various parts of the world.

Also here is interred MARGARET BROMFIELD of Mayfield his sister who died 28th May 1829.

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