Section A row 9 – 2 Walker/Pitt/Young/Magdaline


In loving memory of WILLIAM WALKER son of ADAM PITT Shoemaker Eccles who was drowned while bathing in the river Ewes Langholm 16th June 1893  aged 21 years.

JESSIE his daughter wife of GEORGE YOUNG who died at Heughland  11th  November 1893 aged 27 years intered in Brechin Cemetary.

And his daughter FRANCIS MAGDALINE who died in infancy.

JANE WALKER his wife died at Eccles27th May 1921 aged 73 years.

The above ADAM PITT died at Eccles 9thDecember 1921 aged 80 years.

And of ELIZABETH his daughter died at Eccles 1st August 1950 aged 81 years.

Also DAVID his son died at Eccles 22nd October 1953 aged 86 years.

Also MARGARET JANE his daughter died at Eccles 16th December 1962 aged 85 years.

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