Section A row 6 – 2 Ormiston/Nichol


Erected by ANN ORMISTON in memory of ALEXANDER NICHOL her husband who died at Kames  29th August 1877 aged 58 years. 

Also the above ANN ORMISTON who died at Leitholm 10th March 1898 aged 78 years.

Also ALEXANDER NICHOL his father who died at kames 30th July 1854 aged 54 years.

also CATHERINE CLARK his mother died 8th October 1852 aged 72 years.

Also CATHERINE NICHOL her Grand daughter who died at Kames East Mains 17th October 1870 aged 4 years.

Also ALEXANDER PURVES NICHOL her Grandson who died at Kames East Mains 6th July 1871 aged 2 years.

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