Section A row 24 – 5 Borthwick/Henderson/McFarlane/Adinson



In memory of JANE GREIG of Eccles born 10th March 1752 died 10th December 1859.

AGNES BORTHWICK his wife born 26th july 1796 died 30th March 1837.

ANN PEDDIE his mother who died 6th March 188777 in her 77th year.

LUCY ADINSON his seventh daughter died 22nd April 1841 aged 14 months.

ROBERT his forth son died 14th July 1846 in his 20th year.

WILLIAM his eight sondied 25th April 1859 in his 23rd year.

THOMAS ADINSON his seventh son who died 18th December 1862  in his 30th year

HELEN BORTHWICK his third daughter died 27th December  1863 in her 35th year.

CHARLES his ninth son who died 16th September 1867 in his 31st year.

GRACE ADINSON  his eldest daughter and wife of the Hon Lord Ormidale who died 4th  June  1870 in her 49th year.

LEWIS BORTHWICK his 6th son died 2nd March 1872 in his 41st year.

JAMES his third son who died 3rd September 1875 in his 31st year.

ELIZABETH McFARLANE his 6th daughter wife of JAMES CHARLES HENDERSON W - S  who died 5th January 1886 in her 57th year



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