Section A row 24 – 4 Borthwick/Jeffery/Murray/Bell



In memory of the following children of JAMES GREIG of Eccles.

JOHN BORTHWICK his second son born 2 May 1824 died 6th August 1903.

BENJAMIN  his fifth son born 10th October 1830 died 2nd February 1904

AGNES his fifth daughter and wife of the Rev. THOMAS MURRAY born 20th May 1835 died 10th January  1908.

JANE BORTHWICK his forth daughter and wife of Rev HENRY BELL born 20th MAy 1835 died 5th April 1912.

And ANN PEDDIE his second daughter and wife of the Rev R JEFFREY  born 8th February 1828 died 8th December 1912.

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