Section A row 22 – 6 Johnston/Martin/Fairbairn/Thomson


In memory  of WILLIAM JOHNSTON tenant in Ednam Mains who died 6th November 1699 aged 80 years.

Of BETTY MARTIN his spouse who died 26th January 1721 aged 77 years.

JANET DICKSON who 28th October 1737 aged 46 years spouse to PATRICK JOHNSTON tenant in Little Swinton who died 29th January 1762 aged 62 years.

Also PETER who died 30th June 1731 aged 1 year.

HELEN died 15th May 1752 aged 5years.

THOMAS died 1st May 1760 aged 2 years.

GEORGE died 6th May 1771 aged 16 years. Children of WILLAIM JOHNSTON tenant in Simprim who died 12th July  1795  aged 85 years.

Also MARGARET FAIRBAIRN his spouse who died 14th March 1800 aged 82.

Also JAMES son of PETER JOHNSTON tenant in Simprim died 12th January 1788.

Also his son MATHEW who died 14th March 1802 aged 4 months.

Also the above mentioned father PETER JOHNSTON late tenant in Ildertown who died 11th december 1807 aged 61 years.

And his two infant children who died 1788 aged 11 months.

Also MARGARET who died 16th March 1811 aged 26 years.

Also MARGARET THOMSON relict of the said PETER JOHNSTON who died 18th May 1830 aged 78 years.

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