Section A row 20 – 2 Hendry/Kerr


Erected by GEORGE HENDRY in memory of HELEN KERR his wife who died at Stonefold 9th November 1892 aged 62 years.

Also AGNES HENDRY his daughter who died at Birgham 27th March 1861 aged 18 months.

Also the above GEORGE HENDRY who died at Polwarth Rhodes 18th October 1902 aged 73 years.

Also of GEORGE HENDRY son of the above who died at Polwarth 12th October 1923 aged 56 years.


On reverse.

Erected in memory of MARY ANN spouse to GEORGE KERR tennant in Bankhead who died 28th August 1794 aged 48 years.

Also GEORGE KERR her husband who died 21st August 1796 aged 60 years.

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