Section A row 16 – 8 Jeffery/Johnston


Heree lye the remains of PATRICK JEFFERY tennant in Skaithmoor who died 15th October 1758 aged 73 years.

Also AGNES JOHNSTON his spouse who died 19th June 1783 aged 80 years.

Likewise PATRICK son of PATRICK JEFFERY tenant in Hassington Mains who died 10th July 1798 aged 7 months.

Also the said PATRICK JEFFERY late tenant in Hasinton Mains who died at Kelso 28th July 1853 aged 82 years.

And ISABELLA JEFFERY his spouse who died at Kelso 23rd May 1837 aged 67 years.

Also AGNES their daughter who died 6th April 1853 aged 51 years.

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