Section A row 1 – 3 – Pringle/McCall/Purves


In memory  of ALEXANDER PRINGLE for 40 years Steward at Lambden who died at Wislaw Mill 25th November 1886 aged 82 years.

Also ANNE McCALL his wife who died at Leitholm 11th June 1874 aged 69 years.

Also ISABELLA PURVES his mother wife of ROBERT PRINGLE Joiner Thirlstane who died at Hassington  20th January  1856  aged 77 years.


Alexander was born in Swinton. He also lived at Wiselaw Mill in Berwickshire.

Ann his wife was born in Ayton Berwickshire.

In 1861 they had 2 daughters living at home Agnes aged 14 and Anna aged 3.


Also at that time her mother was living with them Anna McColl. She was born in Foggo

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